Pachislo Slot Machine VS Vegas Slot Machine


A mint condition top of the line Pachislo with every one of the extravagant accessories will cost about the same as a low end Vegas Slot. A low end essential Pachislo model will cost about the same as the container alone from a Vegas Slot.


Vegas machines are more hard to repair than Pachislo machines, and all the more expensive to repair too. For instance, Vegas machines require a battery. In the event that the machine isn’t utilized for a drawn out stretch of time that battery should be supplanted. It can cost as much to supplant that solitary battery as you will spend on a low end Pachislo.

Pachislos can sit away for a considerable length of time and have no issues… connect it back to and play. They have no batteries.

A long time of Casino Use

By law, a Pachislo machine must be utilized as a part of a casino for one year, at which point it must be resigned. Vegas machines are played in casinos for whatever length of time that they are working. The end purchaser never knows the measure of time a specific machine was in a casino, and casino utilize is HARD on a slot machine.

Getting in the Machine Without a Key

The most widely recognized issue for any slot machine proprietor is a lost entryway key. On the off chance that you claim a Vegas slot you should have a decent bore, learning of how to bore out barrel locks… or, on the other hand the name of a decent locksmith in the event that you lose your entryway key. In the event that you lose your entryway key for a Pachislo there are a few approach to get to within the machine and pop the locks to the entryway. Once inside it’s simply an issue of expelling two screws, sliding out the bolt and supplanting it with another bolt/key for around $20.


Vegas slots can measure upwards of 250 pounds. The normal Pachislo weighs just 85 pounds. That implies once you do figure out how to get a Vegas machine into you home and into the room you need it to stay, KEEP IT THERE. They are exceptionally hard to move, which makes them hard to take anyplace for repairs, to move from space to room of even starting with one end of a room then onto the next. Also, when it’s an ideal opportunity to offer the purchaser can’t simply lift it, set it in an auto and drive off.

Pachislos are lighter and have worked in handles, making them considerably less demanding to additional to any area and set on any table, bureau or stand.

Power Cord

Power lines on Vegas machines originate from the base of the machine. Power lines on Pachislos return from the. To utilize a Vegas slot you will require an extraordinary stand that can hold the heaviness of the machine and has gaps in the base and back to run the string. Pachislos are quite recently set down, stopped and played.

The Element of Skill

Vegas machines are about good fortune. The measure of ability to win – 0. Pachislos require the reels to be ceased physically in any request to endeavor to win bonuses. The chances can be set from 1-6 to make it less demanding or more hard to win.

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